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Octonauts and the Great Arctic Rescue! Season 1 - Episode 1(TOYS)

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Octonauts and the Great Arctic Rescue! Season 1 - Episode 1(TOYS)

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HEY GUYS!I have just made some Octonauts toys a couple of days ago and I decided to film them and make some very cool videos for ya guys once again!I made these toys out of hard paper and some normal pieces of paper to color and stick it to the hard boxing papers!Then I take some sticky tapes to stick the papers together!Pretty Easy, right!
I'll tell you guys and probably make a tutorial video about a week later!
Now to tell ya guys a little bit about Octonauts, Octonauts was a show released in 2010 for kids to watch and learn more about sea creatures!I started to watch it when I was 3 - 4 years old!Octonauts has gotten 4 Seasons by the way! Season 5 was predicted to be released in 2017 - 2018 but it was delayed and now it is schedule to be released in 2020 or 2021!We created a playlist for tones of cool amazing episodes and I'm thinking that we will have 5 seasons here, about 10 -20 episodes for each season!These episodes are really just on my own thoughts about it to make it!!!Cool right!
I really liked Octonauts and I made some toys on my own! Hope you guys enjoyed this video and we'll see ya guys with another Octonauts episode in 2 days from now on!!!

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